Zimbabwe: “Silent Genocide” Occurring in Hospitals

Senior doctors in Zimbabwe have downed their tools in protest against the firing of their colleagues, as well as the dire working conditions of the country’s public hospitals.

Approximately 440 junior doctors were fired by the government following a three-months-long dispute over poor salaries.

The country’s ailing, inflation-ridden economy has resulted in the shrinking of the average monthly pay. It has also pushed services such as transport and electricity usage beyond the reach of its citizens.

As a result, many government workers – including junior doctors – have stopped working because they cannot afford to commute.

In a recently released statement, senior doctors described the conditions of public hospitals as a “silent genocide … perpetrated upon the people of Zimbabwe.”

The statement reads: “The situation in hospitals deteriorated to the point where there were no bandages, gloves and syringes available, forcing senior doctors to highlight the dire situation publicly.”

It adds: “We are not slaves. We are not greedy mercenaries. We deserve proper tools of the trade, a living wage and a safe working environment. The citizens of Zimbabwe deserve a health system they can trust.”

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