Zimbabwe: 77 Doctors Fired Over Salary Protest

Doctors from state hospitals in Zimbabwe have been fired after protesting for two months over demands for higher pay.

A ruling from one of the country’s courts last month determined that the state employees were striking illegally, and ordered to return to work within 48 hours.

Reports say that many junior- and middle-level doctors underwent disciplinary hearings on Friday, 1 November. Of the 80 that were charged, 77 were subsequently dismissed.

The Health Service Board approached the courts to force the employees back to work as they provide an essential service.

An offer to raise allowances by 60% was called “ridiculous” by the doctors as it would barely scratch the 400% hike demand.

The protesters called for their salaries to be indexed with the US dollar to protect against runaway inflation.

Health care professionals first downed tools in September to protest for liveable salaries as the country’s ailing economy has shrunk the average monthly pay and hurt living standards.