Wenger: A Less Selfish Salah Could be as Great as Messi

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger thinks that Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has immense potential but only one thing is holding him back: his selfishness with scoring goals.

The ex-Gunners boss hinted last week that he is considering a return to the international arena in a managerial capacity.

He also commented that the 27-year-old Egyptian footballer has the talent to be on par with Barcelona superstar Messi; provided he thinks more with his head and not his feet in front of the goal.

Wenger said: “He must still find the consistency of Messi … Salah is a bit obsessed now by finishing by himself so that’s a dimension he’ll get certainly when he gets a little bit older. To find the moment when you have to give the ball and when you have to finish.”

Liverpool enjoyed a 3-0 win over Burnley last Saturday, 31 August, but criticism was aimed at Salah for not passing to Sadio Mane in the second half, despite the latter being in a better position to attack.