Venezuela: Man Arrested for Sexual Enslavement

A Venezuelan man has been arrested for enslaving a woman as his sex slave for 31 years.

According to the prosecutors, 56-year-old Matias Salazar “manipulated and deceived” the 49-year-old woman – who is known only as “Morella” – into leaving her home three decades prior.

Morella was kept in an apartment building in the city of Maracay – residents say that Salazar lived with another woman and his daughter in a building across the street.

In addition to keeping her captive, the prosecutors claim that Salazar also subjected Morella to sexual and psychological violence.

Morella managed to escape from the apartment on 24 January, and she sought help at a branch of a state-run women’s advocacy agency. She then returned to the apartment in the company of the prosecutors, presumably to show them the conditions in which she lived.

Salazar is currently being held in police custody in Maracay, although his lawyer claims that his client is innocent of any wrongdoing.