Uganda: 3 Dead in Chaotic Protests

At least three people have died and 38 others injured in protests that erupted after Ugandan presidential candidate, Bobi Wine, was arrested on Wednesday, 18 November.

According to his Twitter account, Wine – who heads the National Unity Platform party – was partaking in a campaign rally in the eastern town of Luuka, when local police officers had “violently broken” into his vehicle.

The 38-year-old musician-turned-politician was then taken to a police station in the nearby city of Jinja.

His detainment comes after police warned that presidential candidates would be arrested if they violated guidelines that limited attendance at rallies to 200 people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Per reports from Ugandan media outlets, protests soon erupted in the capital city of Kampala, with Wine’s supporters blocking roads and burning tyres as they called for his release.

In response, police officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at them – by the evening, things had calmed down in Kampala, albeit at the expense of three lives.

Wine has been arrested multiple times over the past few years after stating his intention to replace Yoweri Museveni as Uganda’s president.

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