Tyga Tangled in Landlord Lawsuit

Tyga is being sued by his former landlord to the tune of $3.1 million, after allegedly failing to pay rent and damaging the property he was living in.

According to court documents, the 30-year-old rapper reportedly wrecked the flooring, walls and kitchen counters before vacating the house in April this year; he also owes several months’ worth of rent.

The unnamed property owner stated that he previously attempted mediation with the “Like It Is” hitmaker in May, but the process stalled and failed.

Now, the homeowner is suing for breach of contract.

In response, Tyga took to Instagram Stories on Thursday, 12 November, to share multiple photos of the house, captioning several with: “Where [sic] the damage?.” It is unclear if it is the same house.

This is not the first lawsuit with Tyga’s name on it – he was previously sued for not paying rent for another house located in Beverly Hills in March 2018 after living there for roughly a year.

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