Tunisia: 26 Killed in Bus Crash

At least 26 people have been confirmed dead after the tour bus they were travelling in crashed when it plunged off a cliff in northern Tunisia.

According to reports, the bus was carrying 43 passengers, and was travelling yesterday, Sunday 1 December, from capital Tunis to the town of Ain Draham – a popular destination for Tunisians near the Algerian border.

While driving on the road between the town of Amdoun and Ain Draham, the driver unsuccessfully attempted to manoeuvre a sharp turn. As a result, the bus veered off a cliff and crashed into the ravine below.

Photos taken from the crash site show the overturned bus with its windows smashed.

Injured passengers were transferred to hospitals in Amdoun and Beja for treatment.

Tunisian president, Kais Saied, visited the crash site, where he declared that those who left the road – on which the bus travelled – in poor condition will be held responsible for the crash.

Image Credit: Source