Tool Returns 13 Years Later With New Album

Rock band Tool have released their first new music in 13 years, as they gear up to release their new album.

The quartet from Los Angeles has teased fans by releasing the title track, “Fear Inoculum”, on Wednesday, 7 August. The track runs for a little over ten minutes, and was revealed along with the album cover art and band logo.

Tool recently released their entire discography across digital streaming platforms on 2 August – an unexpected move from the secretive and private band.

The art rockers’ last album, “10, 000 Days”, was released on 2 May 2006. Since then, Tool has been mostly a touring outfit.

Interviews with band members hinted at a new album but as the years piled up, fans became despondent that it would ever materialise – however, faithful fans have remained dedicated and their patience has finally paid off.

“Fear Inoculum” is set to be released worldwide on 30 August, and will feature seven tracks with a total running time of 80 minutes.