‘The Lion’ remains caged

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa


MTC Nestor Sunshine Promotions prospect Emmanuel ‘The Lion’ Mungandjela has been left heartbroken after missing out an opportunity of a lifetime due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Namibian boxer was offered a chance to fight in Minsk, Belarus, on 26 July against Nursultan Zanaghabayv for the World Boxing Association welterweight title over 10 rounds.

His team, however, announced that Mugandjela’s hopes of fighting overseas will have to be put on hold as he is “not ready”.

Heartbroken, but not defeated

Mungandjela expressed disappointment over the fight’s cancelation, but vowed to remain positive and continue training hard.

“It’s heartbreaking for me, but there is nothing I can do about it but to obey what my bosses suggested.

“I have been training even during the time of the virus and I feel I am ready for a fight any time.

“The truth is, I have to accept what my trainers and promoters say because they believe my safety comes first,” he said.

Hoping for another opportunity

The boxer has vowed to work harder in hopes that another opportunity will come by again. The latest records show that Mungandjela has fought 17 professional fights and has won seven of them, while losing three times, with one draw in his professional career.

It would have been the 32-year-old’s first fight outside Namibia.

Safety first

Renowned promoter and boxing trainer Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias said they decided to decline the offer for now in order to protect Mungandjela from any unprepared fights.

Tobias admitted that the offer was tempting, and said this could have been a golden opportunity for the boxer.

“During the lockdown, none of our boxers or any other boxer could train and taking a fight on such short notice would be very foolish, even if our borders were open.”

“We prefer to put the well-being of our boxers first, and from here on, we will ensure that all our professional boxers regain their full fitness before we can pursue the quest for world glory again,” Tobias said.