The Chainsmokers Flamed for Social-Distancing Blunders

American music duo, The Chainsmokers, are catching heat for flouting social-distancing rules while hosting a charity concert over the weekend.

The duo – comprising Alexander Pall and Andrew Taggart – hosted a “drive-in” concert in New York’s Hamptons area last Saturday, 25 July. There, 600 concertgoers were expected to wear masks, stay several metres apart, and keep six metres away from the stage.

However, video clips that emerged online show at least 2 000 maskless people partying next to each other, as well as standing in close proximity to the stage as the musical acts performed.

Social media users slammed The Chainsmokers for apparently breaking the rules in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

One user scathingly wrote on Twitter: “This irresponsibility of the Chainsmokers having any sort of event in the current climate is absolutely appalling. I am not ok [sic] with you risking everyone’s lives just so they can watch you press a space bar all night.”

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, says that an investigation into the concert is ongoing.

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