Terms & Conditions

Subscription Service T&C’s

The content and services (“the Content”) available on the MTC.mobi portal and USSD menu are licensed to you as a user (“you”) subject to the terms and conditions contained herein
By accessing, downloading or subscribing to receive the Content, and/or making use of the Content Subscription Services you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. The provision of the Content and the Content Subscription Services is governed by the applicable legislation.

The Content is provided to you at a fixed recurring fee (in the case of subscription services) or at a once-off access fee. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand these fees when opting-in to receive access to the Content and/or when making use of the Content Subscription Services.
Prior to being granted access to the Content, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of the associated fees by completing MTC’s double opt-in process. No billing will take place against your account and you will not receive any Content until this double opt-in process is completed.
Unless otherwise stated, all fees exclude data, SMS, MMS and associated delivery and access charges. Standard data, SMS and MMS charges apply.

The Content and Content Subscription Services made available to you is either owned by MTC or licensed to MTC, by the owner of the Content.
Any and all copyright and other intellectual property rights associated with the Content remains the property of MTC, or of the original owner in the case of licensed Content.
You are only entitled to use and store one (1) copy of any unique item of Content made available to you.
The Content is provided to you for personal use only. You are expressly prohibited from forwarding, duplicating, replicating, reverse-engineering or otherwise manipulating the Content for use in any way.
You are responsible for ensuring that unauthorised persons do not gain access to the Content or make use of the Content Subscription Services wherever reasonably possible. You will be held liable for any breaches of these terms and conditions, should an unauthorised person gain access to the Content and use it in any way prohibited. by these terms and conditions.
Notwithstanding the double opt-in process, you further agree that you will be liable for all charges and fees in connection with the provision of Content and/or use of the Content Subscription Services by any third party, either authorized or unauthorized by yourself.
If your SIM Card and/or devices are lost or stolen then you must immediately inform MTC so that we can protect your interests and blacklist your devices from further use and/or block the use of your SIM Card. You will remain liable for all charges for the Content Subscription Services until you have asked us to block further use of your SIM Card and/or devices. You will not be liable for any charges incurred in respect of these Content Subscription Services by any unauthorised person after you have requested us to block your SIM Card and/or devices.

MTC may amend, modify or otherwise change these terms and conditions, in its sole and absolute discretion, and the amended version will be displayed in the same media as these terms and conditions. MTC will notify you before MTC amends or otherwise changes the terms and conditions.
Each time you access the cell.mobi website, the MTC USSD Entertainment Menu or respond to a promotional message distributing the Content you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, as may be modified from time to time.
You may cancel the Content Subscription Services at any time by sending an SMS containing the relevant “stop” command to 14788 (this SMS is free). The applicable “stop” command to the Content you have subscribed to will be provided to you by SMS when you complete the double opt-in process
No refunds whatsoever will be made on termination of your Content Subscription Services.
MTC reserves the right to immediately suspend the Content Subscription Services should any fraudulent activity be suspected, and if the outcome of an investigation proves that fraudulent activity did occur, MTC shall be entitled to terminate the Content Subscription Services immediately.
MTC and any of its agents, directors, affiliates, members or employees shall not be responsible in any way for claims, loss or damages (either direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise), arising from a customers’ use of the Content Subscription Services.
MTC has the right to withdraw, or shorten the duration of the availability of the Content Subscription Services in its sole and absolute discretion and will notify customers if it chooses to do so. Customers will not have a claim against MTC in this event.
Any words, views or opinions expressed anywhere in the Content does not in any way reflect the views and opinions of MTC.
By agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions of use, you give MTC the necessary consent to send you targeted direct marketing messages based on historical subscription data. You are entitled to opt out of these direct marketing messages with the applicable “stop” command provided to you in such messages