Team Namibia perturbed by Fishrot

Team Namibia, a body promoting local businesses and products, says corruption scandals such as the Fishrot saga should not be allowed to happen in the current recessionary environment.

According to Team Namibia the recession, corruption scandals and unreasonable competition from foreign companies all have a direct impact on local companies.

Bärbel Kirchner, account director of Team Namibia, says: “Team Namibia is here to fight for Namibian business. We need to ensure that our local businesses have better prospects.

“We need to have favourable conditions for all our businesses in all sectors of the economy. We need an environment that is conducive to attracting investment, whether this is creating a very clear policy environment or preventing corruption.”

Current developments in the fishing sector are extremely detrimental to local industry, the lobby group said

Furthermore, the Fishrot scandal and the allocation of fishing quotas to businesses without adequate infrastructure are discouraging to local businesses that have invested in this sector.

Team Namibia called for deliberate and explicit regulation that protects Namibian businesses from unfair competition in every sector of the economy.

While recognising the increasing political desire to liberalise markets in line with aspirations of regional, continental and global economic integration, Team Namibia believes that liberalising Namibia’s economy at the cost of local businesses only benefits other nations.