Staying committed to oneself

Evany van Wyk

Sheila Brandt, the debtors’ administrator at Namibia Media Holdings (NMH), is motivated and inspired by many things in her life, which include love for her work, but mostly her family.

“They keep me going,” she says. Brandt has been an employee at NMH for 20 years and said she is grateful to be part of such a dynamic and well-grounded establishment. Over the years she has been able to work in different departments. Starting out as a receptionist, moving over to classifieds and even running a successful office in town on her own.

“Finally in 2008 I found myself in the finance department. Definitely one of my biggest accomplishments and a constant learning curve,” she explains.

Working with people from different walks of life is one of the things that she regards as an accomplishment. According to her it is important to help one another and seek clarity on miscommunicated information.

Her advice is to always keep your head up and learn as much as you can. “Most importantly, treat everyone with respect,” she says. She encourages spreading happiness because you never know what the next person might be going through.

Brandt admits that experience takes time. “Never cease to learn or limit yourself to what others tell you. I’ve worked here for 20 years, but I am not a piece of furniture, I am part of a family. I am thankful toward NMH for 20 years where I could grow, not only in my work capacity but also on a personal level,” she says.