South Africa: Stranded Hikers Rescued from Table Mountain

Three hikers stranded on a famous mountain range in Cape Town, South Africa, have been saved after a 20-hour rescue mission.

At half-past four on Saturday morning, 22 February, two men and a woman started making their way up Table Mountain. Six hours later, a cloud rolled in and engulfed the mountain-top, leading to a decrease in both temperature and visibility.

Becoming disorientated, the hikers sent out a distress call to Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR).

After roughly determining the stranded party’s position – on the western side of the mountain – a command centre was set up at the lower cableway station and a rescue team set off.

WSAR explained in a statement: “Since the rescuers were not close enough, a second team was dispatched to abseil down from a point which was closer above the location of the three hikers.”

A third team was then dispatched to carry additional technical equipment to where the second team was setting up a hauling system.

By quarter to seven on Sunday morning, 23 February, the hikers and all rescuers were safely off the mountain.