SA Inventor Takes Sign Language to the Next Level

When it comes to bridging the gap between able-bodied people and the deaf community, a young inventor from South Africa is taking matters into his own hands – well, a pair of gloved hands.

Lucky Netshidzati, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and inventor from Limpopo, has created a pair of smart gloves which are capable of translating South African sign language into voice and text.

Fitted with sensors, the gloves also work with a mobile application to help hearing-impaired users to communicate with others in real time.

Netshidzati said he was inspired to invent the gloves – with the help of a technical team – because he was unable to communicate with his parents, both of whom are deaf.

He explained: “I had to be raised by my granny because I couldn’t communicate with my parents. I couldn’t understand what was happening when I was young … I had a lot of questions.”

Now at the end of his research and development stage, Netshidzati is now working to raise the funds necessary to get his invention to the commercial phase.

Image Credit: Source