Rugby World Cup Trivia – T&C

Condition 1 

  1. The Directors, Permanent or Temporary Employees of MTC and their immediate/direct family members/dependents as well as Agencies of MTC shall not be eligible to participate in this Competition. 
  2. Immediate family shall mean the MTC Employee’s spouse, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, adopted children and step members 


Condition 2 

  1. This Competition is open to all MTC customers (both prepaid and postpaid). 


Condition 3

  1.  In order to participate in this Competition, the MTC customer should:
    • Send one of the activation keywords “rugby”, “rwc” or “japan” or any other valid, advertised keyword to the shortcode 105.
    • Select the activation option for the competition on the *101# USSD menu.
    • Complete the activation instructions on the portal or whereby subscription to the Rugby Portal will award a chance to WIN a trip to Japan
  2.  All text messages sent to the number 105 are free of charge.
  3.  Subscription to the Rugby portal via the trivia game is charged at N$1.00 per day.
  4. Subscription to one of the promoted content services costs either N$1.00 per day or N$2.00 per day depending on the service selected.
  5. MTC will contact the winners once the draw is made.
  6. The winner should be the owner of the Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network-Number (MSISDN) (in short, cellphone number)  used to participate in the Competition.
  7. Any dispute of ownership of the MSISDN will result in that MSISDN being disqualified from this Competition.
  8. Customers can send the word “points” to the shortcode 105 to receive a return SMS indicating the amount of entries they have for the specific draws that they qualify for.
  9. Customers who send an incorrect keyword will receive an SMS containing instructions on the correct keyword to use to either opt-in to participation or to continue playing the trivia game in the event that the customer has already registered.


Condition 4

  1. This Competition  will run from 13 June 2019 till 06 September 2019, both days included
  2. The Competition will run weekly  (Friday to Thursday) and will run daily from 00:01 to 23:59.
  3. Customers will be awarded points for taking any one of the following actions while participating in the Competition. Each point is equal to one entry into the applicable draw.


Action Points Awarded
Register as a participant in the free trivia game  10
Answer a trivia question incorrectly  1
Answer a trivia question correctly  5
Subscribe to the Rugby Portal  50
Successful daily charge for the Rugby Portal club  20
Subscribe to one of the promoted content services  50
Successful daily charge for one of the promoted content services  20


Condition 5

  1. Customers stand a chance to win the one of the following prizes:
    • Four prizes for a trip for two (2) to Japan to watch the the game between Namibia and New Zealand on the 06th October 2019 
      • Total of 4 people worth N$ 65,000 per person
      • All inclusive
      • Plus Allowance 
  2. All participants in the trivia game (both free, rugby portal subscribers, soccer zone subscribers and content subscribers) will be entered into the daily random airtime draw for each day and stand a chance to win the 700 weekly prizes of N$10.00 MTC airtime, over a course of 12 weeks 
  3. All participants in the trivia game that subscribe to the Go Rugby content portal or any one of the promoted content services will be entered into a weekly random draw for a N$10 000 cash prize (total of N$100 000 over the course of the campaign). The first cash prize draw will be conducted on Friday 5 July 2019 for qualifying entries received the preceeding 7 days and will thereafter take place weekly each Friday for the preceeding 7 days until the end of the campaign. Customers must subscribe to at least one content service during the period being drawn for in order to qualify for entry into the weekly draw.
  4. Participants must submit a minimum of one valid answer to a trivia question, to be entered into the daily airtime draw.
  5. Participants must have had a active subscription during the period of the draw.
  6. Rugby portal subscribers, soccer zone subscribers and content subscribers participants must have had an active subscription during the time of the draw in order to qualify for entry into the draw.
  7. Content service subscribers must have at least one active subscription during the time of each draw in order to qualify for entry into the draw.
  8. Customers will have the opportunity to re-claim their previously earned points in the event that they accumulate points, opt-out of participation and subsequently opt back in to participation.

Condition 6

  1. Airtime prizes will be credited to the account associated with the MSISDN selected as the winner for that airtime draw.
  2. Cash prizes will be paid to qualified winners via an Electronic Funds Transfer into the winner’s preferred bank account at a Namibian financial institution as indicated by the winner.
  3. Trip prizes will be awarded to the winners with the valid Namibian passport.
  4. Prizes are not transferable to into cash.
  5. Prizes not collected before the 13th September 2019 shall lapse and become void.


Condition 7

  1. The draw for daily airtime winners will occur at daily for the duration of the Competition. Airtime winners will be notified by SMS only. 
  2. The draw for weekly cash prize winners will occur every Friday from July 5th 2019 until the end of the campaign period.
  3. Airtime winners will not be subject to the content of condition 9.
  4. The draws for Trip prize winners will be conducted on Monday 09th September 2019, or the next business day should the Monday be a public holiday, at the MTC Head Office in Olympia. Ten (10) alternate winners will also be drawn as alternates in the event that the initial winner is unable to claim the prize for any reason. This date/day is subject to change without notice.
  5. After the draw, MTC will make three attempts to contact the selected MSISDN (winner) to verify the owner’s personal details (proof of identification and address) and inform the winner of their prize. On the third failed attempt, an SMS will be sent to the winner’s MSISDN informing them to contact the MTC Contact Centre (130 for prepaid and 120 for postpaid) before the end of the day, 12:00 midnight, of that specific day.
  6. Should the participant fail to make such contact, the prize shall be given to the next drawn customer (alternate) and the process shall be repeated where necessary.
  7. MTC’s decision is final and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
  8. The draws will be done under the supervision of MTC’s internal auditor and the entries drawn will be determined as the winners. The decision of the auditors shall be final and binding, and MTC will not entertain any further correspondence in this regard.


Condition 8

  1. All participants agree and authorize MTC – for the purposes of this Competition – to identify, announced  as the winner’s, have their names, images or photographs taken and published in the media which may include print, television, press and internet (at no additional cost to MTC). Failing to agree will result in such a participant forfeiting the prize to the next alternative winner.


Condition 9

  1. Should the winner be a minor under the custody and control of his or her parent(s) or guardian, the minor shall provide full particulars and proof of identification of said parent(s) or guardian to whom the prize will be delivered. Such particulars and proof shall state, inter alia, the nature of the relationship between the winner and the parent(s) or guardian concerned. Such prize shall be registered in the name of the parent or legal guardian.
  2. This Condition 9 will not apply to the Airtime Winners, nor will it be applicable to emancipated minors. 


Condition 10

  1. The prize and/or prize money is not transferable.
  2. Once the winners have taken possession of their prizes, all risk and responsibility associated with the prizes passes to the winner and MTC will in no way take responsibility or assume any liability for, or in connection with, the prizes or the use thereof.
  3. MTC reserves the right to review and change this competition’s rules and format, or cancel it altogether.
  4. MTC reserves the right to disqualify any customer from participation in this competition in light of any malpractice or manipulation of results that MTC believes has taken place.


Condition 11

  1. As proof of ownership, the winner must produce the handset and SIM card used to participate in the competition, along with the winner’s legal identification document.


Condition 12

  1. Winners may be required to sign acknowledgement of receipt of the prize.


Condition 13

  1. By participating in this competition, the participants are bound and subject to all the Terms and Conditions of the Competition.
  2. MTC shall be indemnified against any technical errors beyond its reasonable control.


Condition 14

  1. All MTC’s standard Terms and Conditions apply.