Only two apply for NSFAF loans

The Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) has so far only received two applications for their partnership initiative with the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF).

This is something which has concerned the NSC given that loan applications close for the year this Saturday. The two students applied for a loan after it was announced last week that NSFAF and NSC signed a memorandum of understating which will enable athletes, officials and employees in the sporting industry to apply for study loans over three academic years, starting this year.

“It is worrying that we have only received two names so far that have applied for a loan to study in various sport fields,” NSC marketing and PR officer Chalo Chainda said.

“We made it very clear last week that there was still time to apply and people must make use of this opportunity to apply.

“The partnership means that athletes or the sport federation can apply through the normal procedures on the NSFAF website and then provide us with the proof of application so that we take it up with the loan institution,” Chainda said.

He urges those in sport administrative positions and who do sport for NSC affiliates to apply before Saturday. Loans will go to those aspiring to study sports nutrition, sports journalism, sport and recreation management as well as sports coaching and officiating.

Students admitted to the University of Namibia, the Namibia University of Science and Technology and Triumphant College for sport-related fields of study can also apply for a loan online and submit their proof of application to NSC.

The loan will also apply to those admitted at credible regional and international institutions.

The initiative is in line with the strategic vision of the AUSC Region 5, Commonwealth and Cossanac Sport Conference Resolution on enhancing sport leadership management. The NSC has established a committee comprising of academics, professionals and sport journalists who will, apart from the normal NSFAF application procedures, manage, assess and recommend applicants.

Applications will include a selection process with recommendations by the affiliate federation to the committee, who will then submit their recommendations to the NSC for final endorsement.

The NSC will also monitor the progress of the students on the study loan initiative and will have them bonded to render services to the NSC and its affiliates for a period equal to their funded programme.

NSFAF senior marketing manager Percy Tjahere also encouraged those with lower marks in grade 12 but who are 23 and older and have working experience to apply next year.

“The loan will not only benefit those who have 25 [points] in grade 12.

“As things stand, the mature age entry is closed but those in the sport industry aspiring to acquire loans through the mature age entry process can apply to institutions when they open their applications next year,” Tjahere said.

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa