Norway: Mosque Shooting Treated as Terror Act

Police are treating a shooting at a mosque in Norway as an “attempted act of terror”.

On Saturday afternoon, 10 August, a 21-year-old suspect – identified as Philip Manshaus by the media – allegedly opened fire at the Al-Noor Islamic Centre in Baerum, a town located 20 kilometres outside the capital city of Oslo.

According to the mosque’s director, Irfan Mushtaq, only three worshippers were inside the mosque when Manshaus – wearing a helmet and body armour – carried out his attack.

Mustaq explained: “The man carried two shotgun-like weapons and a pistol. He broke through a glass door and fired shots.”

The gunman was soon overpowered and “sat on top of” by a 65-year-old worshipper, who apparently suffered minor injuries in the process.

Reportedly a right-wing sympathiser who espoused extremist, anti-immigrant views, Manshaus has been charged with attempted murder over the shooting.

Additionally, he has been charged with the murder of a 17-year-old woman – confirmed to be his stepsister – whose body was found in his home a day after the shooting.