Nauseb lands assistant job

Limba Mupetami


Former Brave Warriors and Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Robert Nauseb is the new Brave Warriors assistant coach, it was announced yesterday.

He takes over from Woody Jacobs, who resigned just weeks ago.

Nauseb, who is also the assistant coach of the senior national women’s side, the Brave Gladiators, said it’s an honour to join the technical team.

His appointment will, however, not affect the women’s side as they have no competitions lined up for the time being.

A lot to share, learn

“It’s an honour to be called up. I have a role to play for my country. There is a lot I have learnt over the years which I would like to share and, of course, a lot that I would learn from head coach Bobby Samaria,” he said.

On Nauseb’s appointment, the head coach said the post requires an element of trust, sporting contact and enthusiasm towards the game.

Meanwhile, 35 players have been called up for training for the upcoming Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (Cosafa) and African Nations Championship (Chan) competitions.

The Cosafa Cup will take place from 2 to 17 October, while Chan will take place next January.

“This is the opportunity for the local players who have been action-starved. I’m not very worried about the professional players as they have been playing,” Samaria said.

Get ready

The players are:

Goalkeepers: Ratanda Mbazuvara, Ndisiro Kamaiyanda, Jonas Matheus and Immanuel Immanuel.

Defenders: Vitapi Ngaruka, Emilio Martin, Ivan Kamberipa, Pat-Nevin Uanivi, Larry Horaeb, Gregory Auchumeb, Aprocius Petrus, Rehabeam Mbango, Tjinotjiua Tijuana-Tja, Erastus Ikeinge, Johannes Mutunga, Denzil Haoseb and Kleopas Nuukushu.

Midfielders: Dynamo Fredericks, Immanuel Heita, Ambrosius Amseb, Wendall Rudath, Gustav Issack, Alfeus Honduras, Llewelyn Stanley, Absalom Iimbondi, Wesley Katjiteo, Marcel Papama, Brandon Neibeb and Willy Stephanus.

Forwards: Elmo Kambindu, Isaskar Gurirab, Panduleni Nekundi, Mapenzi Muwanei, Monis Omseb and Hendrik Somaeb.

The players are expected to report for training tomorrow morning at the NFA Technical Centre.

They will be put in a training bubble and if any player gets infected with Covid-19, he will then be sent to quarantine, said the Namibia Football Association acting secretary-general, Franco Cosmos.