Mozambique: 64 Migrants Found Dead in Cargo Container

The bodies of 64 Ethiopian migrants have been found crammed inside a freight container in northwestern Mozambique.

The gruesome discovery was made on Tuesday, 24 March, at the Mussacana weighbridge in Moatize, Tete.

According to reports, a lorry – travelling from Malawi and carrying a blue cargo container – was stopped at the bridge by immigration services. While the driver and his assistant proved to be uncooperative, immigration officials heard noises coming from the container.

Fourteen survivors – surrounded by the victims’ bodies – were found inside the container, hitting at its walls and screaming.

All the bodies were offloaded and taken to a local morgue. The cause of death is said to be asphyxiation.

Provincial immigration spokesperson, Amelia Direito, explained to media outlets that all 78 migrants onboard the container were Ethiopian men.

Direito added that the driver and his assistant, who have since been arrested, were paid approximately $500 by an unidentified third party to transport the men to Mozambique.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway.

Image Credit: Source