Liverpool Stewards Help Supermarkets Amid COVID-19 Panic

Liverpool FC have offered their stewards to help local supermarkets with crowd control and assist the elderly with their shopping needs during the current situation of coronavirus panic buying.

Many supermarkets across the world have faced challenges with an increase in demand amid COVID-19 – customers flocking to stores desperate to stock up supplies out of panic – causing chaos, staff abuse and not adhering to social distancing.

Liverpool decided to use the expertise of their stadium crowd controllers to assist the shops in Merseyside.

The statement released by the club’s chief executive, Peter Moore, read: “Our stadium stewards here @LFC are offering their time and expertise in volunteering to help with crowd control, queue management, parking control, assisting the elderly and infirm taking their groceries to their cars, etc”.

Liverpool is not the only Premier League team that has offered help to communities during the coronavirus pandemic. Manchester United and Manchester City donated a total of £100,000 to support food banks in Manchester.

Chelsea has also offered their Stamford Bridge hotel to be used as accommodation for NHS workers.

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