Kashmir Sees a Tense Eid

Kashmir has recently seen intensifying violence and unrest, and is one step away from becoming a warzone, but this has not stopped the faithful from celebrating Eid on Sunday, 11 August.

India enforced an unprecedented lockdown last week, when it revoked legislation giving special status to the region. The action has resulted in raised tensions between Pakistan and India.

The city of just over a million people had largely empty streets on the sacred Islamic holy day, but Muslims were allowed to practise their religion by security forces.

However, many chose to not partake this year as the mood had been dampened by the ongoing conflict.

Teenager Shaukat Khan said: “Eid is no fun this year. There are too many restrictions on free movement, and too many armed personnel around for me to go and play with my friends.”

The Jammu and Kashmir region has been a contested area for Pakistan, India and China since 1947. Many who live in the area wish for the state to be independent, but the conflicting nations have both laid claims to it, resulting in blurred borders and fractured authorities.