Kamanjab residents owe N$ 10 mln for water

The outstanding water bill of Kamanjab residents has accumulated to N$ 10 million after local authorities were given a directive to reconnect water for residents in March 2020 to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The Kamanjab Village Council’s Secretary, Bianca Nguaiko, said residents no longer honour their debts since water was reconnected for some households at the village due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Even people employed by the government do not pay their water bills anymore. It seems that they misunderstood and think all water is for free now. I would like to urge the residents to honour their bills. The council’s operations are being affected because of outstanding water bills,” she said.

Nguaiko added that the residents need to consider the fact that the council’s operations are affected negatively because it uses the funds residents pay for service delivered, as well as to carry out its daily functions.

She added that residents can make arrangements to pay off their debts. Kamanjab has a population of close to 10 000 residents. – Nampa