Joe Exotic Seeks Presidential Pardon

Joe Exotic’s legal team are pulling out all the stops to overturn his conviction, including asking US President Donald Trump to pardon him.

The 57-year-old former zoo operator – and the star of the Netflix documentary, “Tiger King” – was convicted in 2019 on charges of animal abuse and murder for hire, resulting in a 22-year prison sentence.

As per sources, Exotic’s attorneys will fly to Washington to personally deliver the 257-page pardon request to the relevant officials at the White House.

His reps have also tried other means to get his conviction overturned, including driving a huge bus with “Pardon Joe Exotic” on the side to the nation’s capital.

Sources claim that President Trump was asked in April to pardon the “Tiger King” and he said he would “take a look” – obviously no pardon has been produced since then, despite several more requests.

Exotic – whose real name is Joseph Allen Schreibvogel – is currently incarcerated at Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.