Igniting the horse rivalry



The moment that racehorse owners have been waiting for has finally arrived with the MTC Horse Derby set for Okahandja tomorrow.

The races will take place at the Okahandja Turf, with horses running in 18 categories.

For racing enthusiasts who have been following competitions of such nature, it is another competitive and attractive event that is expected to bring joy and excitement.


Okahandja’s Starlile has a point to prove against its main rival, Visigoth from the Aminuis Racing Club.

The two imported horses have created a rivalry that has provided tense moments in the main race at recent horseracing events.

Visigoth has not only given Starlile a run for the money, but has become a popular horse in recent events.

The horse from Aminius shows unbelievable acceleration over the last 100 metres, which has made it difficult for the other horses to catch up.

Starlile’s owners have been plotting a comeback in their own backyard and there is no better time for their beloved horse to reclaim its bragging rights.

As the sun sets on a day filled with other races, the final race of the day will definitely set the turf alight and spectators will roar for the two favourite horses.

Namibia Horseracing Association (NHRA) president Marthinus de Waal invites all enthusiasts to flock to the Okahandja Racing Turf.

“It is going to be a fun-filled day with many exciting races on the cards and all fans are welcome to come and witness this great event.

“All health regulations will be followed in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and security will be tight,” he says.

Visigoth and Starlile may be the horses that people go to watch, but Nambred horses like Leeuloop, Katjutju and Von Trotha are also expected to mark their presence with some fierce competition.

Huge sponsorship

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has granted the Namibia Horseracing Association a sponsorship of N$1.5 million, which will run for three years.