Hosni Mubarak Dead at 91

Egypt’s former president, Hosni Mubarak, has passed away at the age of 91.

The news of Mubarak’s death was confirmed by media outlets in the northeastern African country – per reports, he died on Tuesday, 25 February, at a military hospital in the capital city of Cairo. A month before, he had undergone an unspecified surgery.

A former bomber pilot before entering politics, Mubarak became the country’s president in 1981 after his predecessor, President Anwar Sadat, was assassinated.

Between 1981 and 2011, Mubarak presided over Egypt. Although he contributed to the Israel-Palestine peace process as a mediator, his 30-year rule was rife with corruption, oppression and economic stagnation.

In 2011, the statesman was ousted from the presidency after disgruntled civilians nationwide protested against his rule.

Despite being sentenced to life imprisonment over the deaths of several protesters in 2012, he was released five years later when the court overturned the charges.

Mubarak is expected to be buried in a small military funeral at an unspecified date.

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