Hoachanas Football League Gets off to Great Start

The Hoachanas Development Trust Football league played round one and two over the weekend in Rehoboth with a total of 26 goals scored. 

The Stout Makers made no secret that the other teams were no match for them as they contributed an outstanding total of 11 goals.

According to the results provided by the league chairperson, Absalom Hoxobeb, the Stout Makers opened round one with a 1-0 win against Kho-khoën, while Biwa Eleven had a goalless draw with Hoachanas Children’s Fund FC.

SKW United suffered a 4-2 defeat to Bafana Eleven, while Sunrise FC won 3-2 over Goa-!Haob.

On Sunday, 11 August, Stout Makers defeated Goa-!Haob with a merciless 10-0, while Hoachanas Children’s Fund and the Black Stars had a goalless draw.

Hoachanas Children’s Fund lost 1-0 to Kho-Khoën, Biwa Eleven overshadowed Bafana Eleven 1-0.

The league caters for local players at Hoachanas as a grassroots development league and was launched on 1 August this year-sponsored by Angelika Gleich with an amount of N$15,000.

Image Credit: Source