Fusing genres



Having been on the market for some time now, Ufanange Orizza’s third album has caught tjil’s attention. Titled Life Reality Pandakola, the project boasts 14 tracks, and features Exit, Teqla and D-Kandjafa, amongst others. On production, Ufanange Orizza entrusted some of Namibia’s most renowned producers like Elvo, DJ Chronic and Chanu. The musician, whose previous albums were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, is also credited for co-producing Efimbo. As part of the project’s rollout strategy, he released the visuals for Turn Around on Sunday, 17 May, which have since garnered over 1 200 views on YouTube.


The album is a fusion of kwaito, Afropop and gospel.

Having listened to it a few times, noteworthy tracks include Yablova, Bonus, Ila Jesus and Just You.

On Yablova, Exit delivered the standout verse, with Ufanange Orizza and TreckFo also bringing the heat via their raps.

Music with substance

What makes this album particularly pleasant to listen to, especially during this coronavirus state of emergency period, is that it does not only have uptempo and feel-good songs. There are a few laid-back tracks too. Music-listening patterns have changed for many, and party songs are just not a priority right now – music with substance is. With so much time on our hands and no parties to go to, the mood has been significantly more introspective of late, and

Ufanange Orizza has songs for this purpose – Ila Jesus being one of them.


On the other hand, one of the shortfalls to this album is the track arrangement.

There are feel-good songs right after a laid-back song, leaving the listener feeling confused, flung from one mood to a completely different one.

The lack of attention to detail regarding the CD presentation is also a drawback. Despite the well-designed cover, a few spelling errors crept in. Furthermore, for an album that’s being promoted as versatile, there are only three dominant genres. Ufanange Orizza can do more to break out of his comfort zone.

Physical copies are available countrywide at music shops or via 081 609 8858.

Rating: 3/5