Former Spanish King Flees Country Amid Corruption Claims

Juan Carlos I, the former king of Spain, has left the country amid an investigation into his alleged corrupt dealings.

In a letter released by the royal palace on Monday, 3 August, the 82-year-old former monarch said that he was leaving Spain “in the face of the public repercussion that certain past events of my private life are generating.”

Addressing his son, King Felipe VI, he wrote that he made this decision “with deep emotion but with great serenity.”

In 2014, Juan Carlos I abdicated following a scandal and criticism of his elephant-hunting trip to Botswana during Spain’s financial crisis in 2012.

Most recently, Spain’s supreme court launched a probe into the royal’s financial dealings, after it was discovered that an offshore foundation in his cousin’s name was moving undeclared funds between bank accounts.

The foundation, along with others, apparently gained 85 million euros from Saudi Arabia in 2008 in connection with a high-speed rail project.

By the time that the letter had been published, Juan Carlos I was no longer in the country. His current whereabouts are unknown, although it is speculated that he fled to the Dominican Republic.

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