FIFA Defends President Infantino Over Corruption Accusations

International football governing body, FIFA, has strongly denied any suggestion of corruption against its president, Gianni Infantino, following accusations made by Swiss special federal prosecutor, Stefan Keller.

Last week, Thursday, 30 August, Keller announced that he has launched an investigation into Infantino over alleged secret meetings with Switzerland’s attorney general, Michael Lauber.

Lauber tendered his resignation, after the court discovered that while his office was investigating FIFA-related corruption, the prosecutor had failed to disclose his meetings with Infantino and lied about them to his supervisors in the Swiss judiciary.

In response to the allegations, FIFA’s deputy general secretary, Alasdair Bell, defended Infantino’s conduct saying that there’s no factual evidence supporting the allegation, and that not remembering the specifics of the meetings is not a criminal act.

He said: “There is no factual basis whatsoever for this criminal investigation. It’s almost preposterous to suggest that because someone doesn’t remember the details of a meeting, therefore something criminal should have been discussed.”

However, the governing body also released a statement saying: “FIFA and its president will continue to cooperate fully with the judicial authorities in Switzerland until these investigations are concluded.”

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