EPL Clubs Reject Project Big Picture Proposal

Premier League clubs have unanimously refused to accept the controversial “Project Big Picture” (PBP) proposal submitted by Manchester United and Liverpool to reshape the structure of the English football.

PBP aims to radically restructure the power structure of the league by giving special voting rights to the nine longest-serving clubs, which are Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Southampton, Tottenham, and West Ham.

The PBP also suggests that the league should reduce the number of participating teams from 20 to 18 and create a $450 million rescue fund for English Football League clubs.

Many Premier League clubs believe that the top-flight teams were seeking more power in exchange for rescue packages – most of the EFL clubs have faced enormous financial challenges amid COVID-19, and have endorsed the PBP.

However, the PBP proposal was shut down during a tense virtual meeting held by club executive representatives on Wednesday, 15 October 2020.

Therefore, EPL club executives have agreed to work together on a new strategic plan – set to be an open and transparent project focusing on competition structure, calendar, governance and financial sustainability.

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