DRC: Train Derailment Leaves 50 Dead, Dozens Injured

A passenger train derailed in the early hours of yesterday morning, 12 September, near a small town in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Steve Mbikayi, minister of Humanitarian Affairs, stated that the train went off its tracks at approximately 3AM local time in the morning near Mayibaridi, a town in the province of Tanganyika.

Mbiyaki posted on Twitter: “Speaking for the government, I present my condolences to the families affected.”

Reports claim that at least 50 people were killed and 23 were left injured, but both numbers are expected to rise.

What caused the accident is yet to be determined, but derailments are a commonplace in the DRC, due to poor and irregular maintenance of railways and trains which stems from National Railway Company employees having unpaid wages for several years..

At least 24 people – mostly children – were killed in March this year when a freight train went off the rails in central Kasai.