DJ taking centre stage

I don’t know who you pictured when you thought of the person responsible for arguably the biggest song of the last quarter of 2019, Soek Soek. But I am pretty sure you didn’t think of a Ginger Breadman-looking guy – and that’s cool because predictable and ordinary is not really his thing anyway.

Having worked with some of the artists making waves in the industry right now, including Mega, Don Kamati and Chester, DJ Spuzza, with his Slaughter Houze crew, is on a mission to change the Namibian musical landscape, beat by beat.

The Soek Soek hitmaker describes his sound as diverse. “I adapt to a lot of genres. If I vibe to it, then I just vibe to it,” he said, adding that he’s inspired by many things.

On how he founded Slaughter Houze, Spuzza, real name McArthur Suze, shared that he started DJing as a hobby in 2013 and one day played at a butchery, which was also an undercover bar. “That particular set attracted quite a number of people and made me realise that I am actually good at this DJing thing.

“The name Slaughter Houze came from me playing house music at a butchery and I decided to run with it as my brand name, and it sort of serves as an upcoming record label,” he said.

Slaughter Houze now comprises of three members: Txngos (producer and graphic designer), Mega (rapper) and the founder himself.

Spuzza announced that there are plans to expand the stable, adding that his goal is to help upcoming DJs and musicians come up the same way he did. “I know how difficult it is breaking through in this industry and not having anyone to give you a platform,” he said.

Narrating to tjil the making of Soek Soek, Spuzza shared that he had the beat for three months before they recorded the song. “I think two weeks prior to us recording that song, I bumped into Don Kamati and he expressed his interest in working with me, and I happened to bump into Chester at a barbershop days after that.

“I had some money on me and I didn’t want to waste it on unproductive things, so I called the studio guy. We bought some drinks and it started off as a chill session. Next thing, we were in the booth making heat. That song was not even planned,” he shared.

His plan for this year entails serving up more music in the form of singles and a possible EP.

Spuzza said he understands the importance of making a business out of his talent and looks forward to investing profits from his music into establishing a record label and studio, as well as signing artists and aligning his brand to corporate entities.

Besides being a DJ and producer, he is also a father – a role he said keeps him grounded and fuels his inspiration. “Being a father is where most of my inspiration comes from. The industry is very hard, especially in Namibia, so I use my daughter as inspiration to not give up. Being a dad is my biggest blessing.”

In a country where we do not have a culture of DJs having the biggest songs, Spuzza is ready to change this narrative. He admitted that it’s not going to be easy but he’s willing to put in the work.

“If you go through my Facebook account, you will see where I come from. I literally went from having 14 people at shows to pulling numbers up to about 700 and that was just in my neighbourhood, Wamboe Lokasie.

“To upcoming DJs out there, my advice is that at first, you should conquer where you come from. We all need resources, however, it is important to have a plan, guts and the backing of your people,” he said.