Cricket Namibia aids tourism revival



Cricket Namibia has decided to create an Eagles Challenge run aimed at aiding the revival of the tourism industry.

Namibian tourism has been one of the sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in many businesses closing down and employees in this sector losing their jobs because a lack of local and international tourism. An attempt to revive the industry has begun following the reopening of Namibian borders this month.

“The national men’s and women’s cricket teams of Namibia challenge other entities to join our awareness for tourism campaign. “The #EaglesChallenge is first and foremost an awareness campaign and secondary opens an avenue for financial support to the specific and identified organisation of every team’s choice,” says Cricket Namibia CEO Johan Muller. To challenge a team, interested corporates and individuals are required to download the changeable electronic flyer to use on social media platforms that will show the team they are challenging and will also show which tourism industry they are supporting.

“This is a concept where the Eagles challenge other cricket teams worldwide, Namibian sporting codes and entities to a 5 km run that would take place at a venue and time that suits every team,” Muller says. The race times are submitted as a screenshot of the competitors running app (e.g. Strava) on the Cricket Namibia website. The #EaglesChallenge race consists of various participation groups and is open to all entities including national teams, corporates, school teams and club teams. The aim of the challenge is to create awareness of a specific tourism industry to hopefully increase their income when Covid-19 has passed.

If any donations are made through this challenge, Cricket Namibia urges that they must be deposited directly into the account of the supported tourism entity.