COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Produces Successful Results

The clinical trial of a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine developed by two major companies has yielded positive results.

Phase three of the trial – headed by pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, and German biotechnology firm, BioNTech – involved 43 000 participants worldwide. Half were given the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, while the other half received a placebo.

According to data released by Pfizer and BioNTec on Wednesday, 18 November, the vaccine was 94.5% effective among people over the age of 65, and caused no safety concerns.

BioNTech CEO, Ugur Sahin, explained in a statement. “The data indicates that our vaccine … is able to induce a high rate of protection against COVID-19 only 29 days after the first dose.”

Sahin added: “In addition, the vaccine was observed to be well-tolerated in all age groups with mostly mild to moderate side-effects, which may be due in part to the relatively low dose.”

Pfizer says that it plans to submit an application for emergency-use authorisation over the vaccine to the Food and Drug Administration “within days.”