Coronavirus: South Africa Enters 3-Week Lockdown

In a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus, South Africa will be entering a 21-day lockdown starting from this Thursday, 26 March.

There are approximately 554 confirmed cases of the virus in the southern African country, and the figure is expected to rise within the next few weeks.

Speaking at a public address on Monday evening, 23 March, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared that all South Africans must remain at home. They must not leave their homes unless it is for medical reasons or for the purposes of buying groceries.

All major and small businesses – aside from pharmacies, laboratories, banks and supermarkets – are to be closed for the duration of the lockdown, which will conclude on 16 April.

To help the national police service enforce these measures, Ramaphosa will deploy the services of the South African National Defence Force.

Ramaphosa said: “As nations of the world, we find ourselves in the same fight: to contain the virus, to protect the lives of our people, and to fortify our economies against the inevitable disruption to manufacturing, productivity, growth and employment.”

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