Brazil: Care Home Creates ‘Hug Tunnel’

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a profound effect on many – especially because humans need touch – but one of the most disheartening is how it has left eldery people with even less company due to their high-risk status. However, an old-age home in Brazil has found a solution.

Staff at the Tres Figueiras home – situated in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – came up with a creative solution to help seniors feel a little less lonely by creating a “hug tunnel”.

Rubia Santos, administrator for the home, said: “We noticed our senior residents were feeling sad. We thought they would be much happier if we found a way for them to hug their relatives.”

Inspired by a viral video of an American woman who used a plastic curtain to hug her mother, Santos and her staff created a plastic barrier with arm sleeves – at three different heights to accommodate wheelchair users and children – which allows elderly residents and visitors to safely embrace without worrying about COVID-19.

Santos’s face lights up with the joy it brings: “It is so gratifying to see them hugging each other and so important.”

Image Credit: Source