Boxing gems shattered

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa


Power-Power Development and Boxing Academy promoter Risto Ashikoto has revealed that some of his young boxers have been inconsolable since the coronavirus outbreak hit Namibia.

Ashikoto, who mainly deals with young and upcoming boxers, says many feel their careers are over even before they have officially started.

“I can tell you that when I broke the news to these boys that there won’t be any training anymore, most of them broke down because they saw boxing as a beacon of hope for them.

“One must understand that most of these boys come from troubled homes and they actually started healing when they joined the academy for boxing,” Ashikoto said.

Shocking 2020

Like many others involved with sport codes and federations around the world, Ashikoto had not imagined that sport would come to a complete halt in 2020.

He said all his plans have been ruined and he could probably end up losing more money than anticipated.

Ashikoto and the academy had plans to travel across Namibia to unearth raw boxing talent in various regions.

“I can assure you that things have turned ugly and this is not what we expected.

“It is a shock to the whole world and I do not know if we will ever recover from this.

“I, however, would like to encourage all people in the sporting industry to remain hopeful and pray that things can better,” he said.

Way forward

As a way to comfort and console his young boxers, Ashikoto promised to give them boxing lessons via cellphone.

He has given an instruction that those with smartphones should record videos of themselves training at home and send them to him, so he can advise his young boxers.

Ashikoto will also use WhatsApp to do some live video training with individuals.

“We have to find every way possible to keep their dreams alive, even if we do not know how long this lockdown will be.

“The most important thing is that these young guys do not lose hope,” Ashikoto added.