A concise debut

I first encountered Profit’s music at the 2018 Windhoek Spring Fiesta where he was in the line-up. At first, I genuinely thought it was one of the guys from the trio LSD. I had discovered LSD’s music around that time as well and so it was easy to make that mistake, especially when you consider how alike they sounded at the start. Because of this likeness, it was very hard for me to give Profit a chance.

When I first heard Mamase featuring Kalux, I wasn’t sold, despite how well it did on radio. However, when he did a remix with Adora, he gave me my favourite moment on the track with the pre-hook.

Released at the end of 2019, Birth of a King is a project that offers a variety of feel-good songs. It’s not an album rooted in heavy themes and because of this, it makes it possible for even the most basic music fan to enjoy it. The album opens with the title track, which was a good way of starting the album in terms of arrangement. However, the song that follows, Psycho, starts abruptly. The intro was too mellow to be followed up by such a high-tempo song, and to make it worse, it’s a trap song. Psycho is my favourite song on the album, naturally, because I am a hip-hop head, but it should have been listed as the last song on the project.

LSD makes an appearance on track four, That I like.

This song has been out for a while now and they have performed it on NBC’s Whatagwan. Despite this effort, I feel Profit isn’t doing enough to promote it as a single. It’s a decent song that can surpass the impact of his breakthrough, Mamase.

Other songs you can look forward to on this project include Kasie to Kasie, FYI and Some Type of Way.

The project seems rushed, and lacks attention to detail, so much so that on the physical copy, the designer messed up the track numbering. When you listen to an album, it’s not only about the music but the presentation as well and, in this case, Profit needs to take more time with his next release.

Overall, it’s a satisfactory album with potential to garner many downloads – if promoted well. Birth Of A King is available online on all major Namibian music platforms.

Rating: 2.5/5